TRADEMARKINDONESIA.COM has a litigation and Investigation department to handle litigation of disputes on intellectual property rights. Before being engaged in litigation, most of our litigators obtained much experience in patent or trademark prosecution and are skilled in various IP matters. With experience in both IP right acquisition and litigation as well as litigation on copyright disputes and anti-unfair competition matters.

Our team work is highly valued in our firm so that the effectiveness of litigation efforts is enhanced by the collective intelligence of the litigation team. Every litigation case is discussed and analyzed as team. Moot court may be arranged for some complex cases, through which the litigators can prepare on brief drafting and oral arguments for court proceedings.

Our investigators have much experience in conducting the IP investigation. We have extensive network of investigation on intellectual property rights is formed across the county to facilitate effective communication with local judicial and administrative enforcement. Moreover, our firm can represent domestic and foreign clients to contact and coordinate with relevant authorities to bring action against criminal conduct of serious infringement on intellectual property rights.