Our professional services in patent matters

  • Patent Filing
  • Preliminary examination and substantive
  • Re-examination and invalidation
  • Restoration procedures
  • Expediting examination procedures
  • Changes in bibliographic data after examination and approval
  • Monitoring procedures after grant of patent right and payment of annual fees
  • Assignment of patent rights
  • Novelty search and subject search
  • CAD production of drawings and photographs
  • International application under PCT or Paris convention

TRADEMARKINDONESIA.COM has its patent practice in broad-ranging technical areas including electrical engineering, computer technologies, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, chemistry and chemical engineering and material science. Through extensive patent practice for many domestic and foreign applicants, the patent attorneys in our firm have accumulated extensive experience in the preparation of patent documents based on a thorough understanding of cutting-edge technologies and patent regulations.

With this drafting experience, the patent attorneys in our firm are able to establish effective communication with our clients, comprehend the client’s inventions, understand the client’s needs, and provide a flexible and optimal patent drafting services to the clients.

All official communications received during the patent examination process are forwarded to the clients in a timely and accurate manner, and further, comments and suggestions are provided to the clients by our professionals for effective prosecution of the patent application based on Indonesian law and practice. When necessary, our patent attorneys will proactively communicate with examiners to fully understand the examiner’s official opinions and to provide an effective response to the official communications.

TRADEMARKINDONESIA.COM has an excellent team of patent attorneys and engineers to provide high quality translation of patent documents for foreign related patent matters. The patent attorneys and engineers who work on the translation all have solid technical expertise and excellent proficiency.

To ensure the quality of the translation, the technical specificities of the invention have to be fully understood by the translator before conducting the translation work. All documents of the initial translation are passed through a double-checking process and the resulting documents are then subjected to a final proofreading for accuracy and accordance with patent law and practice in Indonesia. The translated patent documents are then transmitted to the client for approval before filing.