Our professional services in trademark matters

  • Search
  • Registration
  • Renewal
  • Changes in registration data
  • Assignment and licensing
  • Watching and monitoring the publication for opposition
  • International registration
  • Opposition, rebuttal, withdrawal, disputes
  • Payment of fees

TRADEMARKINDONESIA.COM has some attorneys and lawyers to handle matters of trademark opposition and its review, request for review, trademark disputes, trademark cancellation and trademark administrative adjudication. The firm has maintained a high success rate in such trademark proceedings. For certain complex cases, a special team team can be set up to ensure the effectiveness of the proceedings.

TRADEMARKINDONESIA.COM has a trademark search team to provide comprehensive search reports and professional legal opinion by experience in trademark attorneys. Upon request, the search reports and legal opinions can be provided to the clients in English, Chinese and French.

Our trademark attorneys have extensive experience in trademark applicants. The firm is able to provide quality trademark filing advice on designating and standardizing goods or services of the mark and to provide effective trademark prosecution advice regarding judgment on similarity of marks and response to office actions.